The Complexity of Feelings

In General thoughts on January 10, 2010 at 12:53 pm

Did it ever happen to you to wish hard for something and then when it happens, you feel nothing great out of it? Or did it ever happen to you that you find yourself having feelings towards someone without even understanding how and why this is so? Don’t worry, you’re not going insane. It’s just our brain trying to find out some logic out of our emotions.

For instance, we tend to make up in our mind the image of our dream guy/girl but then when we actually meet the right person for us, he/she turns out to be completely different to what we had expected. However, no matter how much he/she differs from our dreams, there is some chemistry that takes place and we end up loving that person. A chemistry scientifically explained by the attraction of hormones but still no standards or patterns exists to really explain the phenomenon. Besides, as contradictory as it may seem, we might even come across other persons with more similarities to our dream guy/girl, but still feel nothing special. Why is it so?

The answer to all this dear friends cannot be found logically. Why does it happen that people feel confused – who do I really love? How do I make a choice? The answer to it cannot come from calculated or expected logic, at least not that of the brain. If we sit and try to imagine how we would like our partners to be, we could end up with some sheer fantasy. We can only imagine his/her physical traits and maybe behaviours and qualities but never his/her feelings for you. There is nothing better but the way someone would really feel for you may it be friendship, love, compassion or whatever else. That’s why at times in life we find ourselves getting close to people we had thought we would never like. And if we don’t feel anything special when we come across persons we had dreamt about, it might be that out of  dreaming and expecting for this to happen so much, we end up getting used to it to the point of feeling nothing.

Feelings are too complex to be questioned. When you are asked why you like something or someone, very often you cannot really find out a plausible reason.  But there simply is nothing more plausible than that thing or person making you feel happy! There is nothing more to explain out of it. These are the mysteries or the magic of life. Feelings are not to be judged or explained, they are to be felt and shared. In trying to make some logic out of feelings, we are wasting our time in not appreciating the beauty of those feelings!

Of course I am not saying not to understand your feelings – yes you should – but do it with your heart first. Then when you have understood them do not try to make out some logic, just accept them, share them and more important express them! Live life in the most honest way you can and see how the complexity of feelings comes out so clear…


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