Keep the child alive

In Events, General thoughts on December 30, 2009 at 8:03 am

Small hand and flower

As we are in the festivities’ period, it often happens to us to revive our childhood moments – the excitement of Christmas coming, the endless hours of playing with our gifts and not even realising that the 25 December is over and so is Christmas…

Do you still remember how you would wish, as a child, to be an adult already and then do whatever pleases you? An innocent dream of all children, I believe! Today we find ourselves wishing our carefree childhood days were not over.  But hey, they are not totally over! I admit that life demands a lot from us all but if we try to forsake the child in us, we are condemning ourselves to a less colourful world.

I find children the best persons to truly enjoy happiness. Why? Because they have an innocent and pure heart. And it’s incredible how we tend to lose all this as we grow up.

Some of us are afraid that they might appear less credible if they let themselves be taken over by their inner child from time to time. The fear is quite understandable but it’s all in proving yourself in being a well-balanced human being – a professional and at the same time a joyful being.

In letting your inner child live, you are also spreading a beam of happiness all around you! Who among us would prefer living among stern and gloomy people than jolly happy-going ones?

It’s high time then to wake up to life with this very thirst of living and enjoying it as when we were children. We live only once, it’s a chance not to lose specially if we are lucky enough to live a life without war or calamities afflicting us… So, in this period of festivities let the child in you awake. Have a thought for those who really can’t and make the most out of it for yourself and for them.


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