Along the journey of life…

In General thoughts on November 22, 2009 at 5:54 pm

When we board a train or a bus, there are several other people traveling with us but still when comes our destination we eventually alight and continue with our journey…

Life is exactly like this. A journey along which we come across people. Some of them accompany us till the end while others leave us midway. Altogether the journey of life is filled with acquaintances, separation and new beginnings.

Like any other journey, life has a destination which may vary for each one of us but still will have the same purpose – being happy. Unfortunately, very often in the quest of happiness we fail to actually recognise it when it presents to us.

Life is also a lesson where we keep learning both from our failures and successes. It is an adventure where we learn to know strangers, make them our dearest friends and share our most intense moments with them.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how it was when you still didn’t know your best friend? How incredible it is that the person who was a complete stranger to you yesterday is your most precious treasure today!

I believe the key to happiness is to simply appreciate these special treats life offers us in the form of friends, lovers or companions. We never know when our paths might separate but at least we won’t regret not having enjoyed the time we were meant to spend together.

This post is mainly to express my love for all those special persons who have been part of my life. For those who are now part of it. For you all who have left your imprints in my life’s journey so far…

  1. lol, came here to comment, but after reading this, “nepli koner ki pu dir” 😛

  2. Alala! I’ll take it as a compliment then 😉

  3. aziooo, koume sa en retard to eter pu reply ene comment.

    Bonne année toujours! LOL!

  4. Haha! ok merci 😛

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