My Google Adventure

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Google_adventure by Sou

My Google Adventure by Sou

I don’t quite remember when it all started but I know it was a relief to discover Google search engine! It was followed by the creation of my gmail account and later on my iGoogle page… I also had an enthusiastic lecturer who always kept us abreadst of all news about Google like when it had bought YouTube. Besides our class at the university had its own Google group to enable ‘mass communication’ – as I viewed it. Today though we have graduated, the group is still there and we still communicate from time to time.

Then I joined Netgroup as a web developer and as every decent developer Netgroupers use Google for online search and we also make use of Google Analytics to keep track of the traffic flow on our site.  I was even pleased to learn once that my blog had brought most back links to the site 😉

My adventure intensified when I actually got the opportunity (and enormous chance) to discover the Google Map API and use it for one of our projects – Mauritius Villas – which is yet to be launched (and you can be sure I’ll announce it when it does 😛 ). So, there were two of us, Youshrin and I, to enter the world of what I call Google coding. The experience was really great specially when you’ve been able to adapt the map to the requirements of the project. And yeah we also discovered Google Map Maker and we added regions that were missing specially for our map to work effectively. We got a bit desperate while waiting for the moderation at first but it paid off when we finally saw the regions appearing on the map! I might elaborate on this in another post (if requested 😛 ).

The last but not least event in my Google adventure was the G-Mauritius Day 2009! It all came to me as a surprise when our director sent me a message telling that he had registered me to represent Netgroup at the event. I was like astonished, surprised and then thrilled. The forum was very instructive indeed and though all information is available online to actually get started with the Google API, having real Googlers there explaining it to you is a unique and enriching experience. It was all about receiving a concentrated amount of useful info in just one day! I can’t wait to give a try to Google Gadgets and Google Friend Connect! As for Google Web Toolkit, it sounds like a real ‘miracle product’ specially for those who know the pain of debugging in IE. However, not being a Java developer at present, it was like the message of deliverance but then the disappointment 😦 . Anyway it gave me the incentive to probably jump into Java development later on in my career…

As representative of Netgroup, I found a lot could be used in our sites for more innovative and competitive products. After the brilliant experience with Google Map, Netgroupers have yet to discover Google Gadgets and Google Open Social. This of course will depend upon future projects’ requirements.

If  I could summarise my Google adventure (so far) , I’d say it began with me being a regular Google user, then I became a Google API developer and finally a G-Mauritius Day participant. I wish and strongly expect this adventure to continue. Open source is just ‘fantastic’ (as would say one of my past lecturers) and one of the best part of it is having forums like this one where virtual and geographical barriers are crossed. After all, human contact is the best experience 😉

P.S: The picture is on my Facebook page. I shall place it on my Flickr soon for everyone to be able to see.

  1. Quite disappointed, you did not talk about the people u met during the Google adventure 😛

  2. For the simple reason that this was part of my personal life adventure 🙂 Which is yet to come in another post 😉 Patience my army lol

  3. Hey nice adventure you had! You are fully into in uh? 😛 Keep Rocking Sou!

  4. Add me site to your blogroll (Mauritian Blog)

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