What do women want?

In General thoughts on September 4, 2009 at 5:47 pm
Seeking with the eyes by Sou

Seeking with the eyes by Sou

It has been very big puzzle indeed, present in the mind of men and women themselves, for centuries now…

Ask any woman the question and believe me the answer won’t and can’t be straight forward! Oh and no this is not because women are not intelligent or smart enough to know what they exactly desire! The matter is the question englobes “women” and it would be hard for one single woman to answer for all those types of women out there!

But some attempts could be made though. There are those who’d be happy to have a nice cozy house, a simple and gentle husband and kids to look after. While others would prefer a more busy life with a career as well as a family. Some women like their freedom pretty much, even in relationships.  On the other hand some would like to fully commit and devote themselves to their loved ones.

Of course, I’m using extreme examples! There are also those women who fall in between those extremes. The very fact of discovering what a woman wants, takes a lot of understanding – make sure you see her like an individual with her own identity (and not just a ‘like-all-women’  point of view). Once you’ve figured out who she really is, it all becomes clear. You’ve got to get close enough to her to understand her desires and dreams and even closer to wish they do come true.

In general, women would want you to listen to them and stand by them. We also would like you to stop this stereotype thinking about women being the weaker sex. In other words, start being less condescent or even better, don’t be it at all! Yes, we agree there are things men do that we can’t do but it never meant  that men had to get the lead.

When in a relationship, a woman would want, above all, a supportive and comprehensive partner. Someone who will be by her side for all important steps she takes in life  either in terms of her career or her personal life. It doesn’t mean that a woman cannot stand on her own alone – far from that. It means you do have an important place in her life and your opinion counts!

Women are very complex beings – I firmly agree. Yet the least a man could do is to accept their difference first by putting an end to this usual comparison between a man and a woman. Yes, women have unexplained reactions at times , they tend to get moody very easily. I even agree that they can also become a pain in the neck. But in the end you should understand that all she wants is your attention and affection. More than men, women seek for  love and attention all the time may it be from their surroundings or from their partners. This is why jealousy is most common feeling in women than in men.

Again whatever I’ve been saying might not be fully true for each and every women. Yet the most similar thing among them all is that they are human beings seeking for a place in what we call a man’s world (though not so much anymore according to me) and who have been successful so far 🙂

Hence, their most deepest wish would be to finally make women equal to men;  not in terms of deeds or salary but mostly in terms of attitudes and behaviours on the part of the society as a whole…

  1. “What do women want?” is generally something why the a large majority of them can’t really define.

    In fact, they (again, some majority) want everything, but like everyone else (i.e the male gender) in the world, they should sometimes be realistic. Dreaming does not make you get things.

    Women should be able to differentiate between the needs and the wants. I believe that this is The thing to settle first. I may sound a bit like a “Form 3 College Social Studies teacher”, but this is the truth.

    But surprisingly, you did not share what You want as a woman. Perhaps you can write a bit more?

    btw, was nice to meet you, in real.

  2. Oops, sorry for the mistake on the first line itself 😛
    “Why” should be read as “that”.

  3. Hmmm saying the majority is a bit unfair 😉
    Though women dream a lot, be assured that they do realise that life is no fairy tale. Unfortunately some of us are too naive and too innocent to accept this fact…

    As for what are my desires 😀 some of them already came true like my present job while some are granted well before I even express the wish like this Google day. There are few that have been subtly mentioned in my post :p While the rest is kept secret :p.

    Twas nice to meet ya too 🙂

  4. Secret tout lol.

    Have a nice weekend! (mwa mo p work whole weekend pff)

  5. Hey, btw, please add my link to ur blog 🙂
    Am adding urs right now.

  6. There you are on the privileged blogroll of Sou 😉

    All the best for this week end dude 🙂

  7. “…to finally make women equal to men…” That’s what women want? Interesting.

  8. If you see it in those words only it seems they want to become men’s equal on all terms but as I said this is “mostly in terms of attitudes and behaviours on the part of the society as a whole…”.
    Otherwise men and women will always complete each other there is no point of equality here 🙂

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