Guys have feelings

In General thoughts on August 15, 2009 at 5:53 pm

Sad Happy by Isaiah Stephen

Sad Happy by Isaiah Stephens

Yes, they do! It seems somewhat controversial for a girl to write about this but I wished to voice out my perception of the matter…

Since the time I’ve had friends of the opposite sex, I’ve been consistently discovering new facets of men (no wrong meaning there)!

Lately, there’s one particular aspect that has touched me a lot: how guys express and manage their feelings. Under their rough and tough appearance, most of them are very soft and gentle. Just like we, girls , always relish the idea of being admired, cherished and even “owned” by someone, guys also feel the same. It might be at different levels, compared to girls , but still…

It’s always a pleasure for them to hear how handsome or special they are and no matter how “indifferent” they might appear rest assured that the message went right to their heart 😉

Personally, I’ve seen that it’s easy to forget that guys can be sentimental and sensitive. Though they might hide it behind their tough looks, they yearn for affection and love too. They might not fall into girlish depression (for some at least) but they also feel the pain of being dumped or betrayed.

I might seem to be pointing out the obvious but if we think of our everyday life, specially us girls, we might find that we often ignore this fact. We tend to expect a lot from guys specially on the sentimental side. Let’s realise that if we want their affection, we aught to understand their feelings and give them as much as we want to receive from them. Affection and care are the best at melting the toughest of guys 😉 !

  1. Hmmmm je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi!! Les garçons, même s’ils disent souvent le contraire, aiment qu’on les admire et qu’on les bichonne.. hehe!! et je trouve ça mignon et touchant!! 🙂

  2. Wai c c’ki les rend mimi mais shhhh 😛

  3. It’s sensible information that should not fall into the wrong girl’s hands. She might use it to break a man’s tough shell from the inside.

  4. 😦 Yeah unfortunately that’s also true!

    There are those who play with your heart and leave you broken.

    A truth for both girls and boys…

  5. Hi Sou,
    Oh yes that you are so true here. I guess that finally, despite looking more tough and hard they actually are humans. they got feelings too and it goes just the same way as for us girls.

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