This is how life goes

In General thoughts on May 16, 2009 at 4:12 pm

This is how life goes

When you are celebrating your birthday with your parents in the warmth of your home, there might be a cousin there who is struggling for life…

When you are sitting comfortably in front of your PC watching a movie, a friend out there might be lying wounded on the floor, after a car accident, breathing his last…

When a father is watching his daughter grow, become someone successful in life, another father there is seeing his child losing grip of life day after day…

When you are sharing few moments of love with your dear ones, there are people out there who are waiting for their closed ones to come back home…

And this is how life goes, happiness and sorrow, smiles and tears, relief and regrets…

It teaches us only one thing: cherish the past and grasp the present, to better face the future. Life is the lesson to learn to appreciate what we have. It’s easy to get lost but it always strikes us with particular events that make us ponder more about it and realise its preciousness.

“Live high, live mighty, live righteously…” J.Mraz

  1. I like this. Inspiring.

  2. yeah indeed, this is how life goes….:)

  3. @bobodollexperiment: Thanks. It’s actually inspired from some personal experience

  4. So true. God Bless.

  5. Did you stop blogging?

  6. Hi Bruno!

    Nopes I haven’t stopped I just got caught up with work and didn’t get time for a new post.

    But I’ve been thinking of some new one these days so ‘stay tuned’ 😛

    And thanx for passing by 🙂

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