Meet your boss online

In General thoughts on March 6, 2009 at 5:54 pm

Yes, this has become the latest trend – finding your boss online on either a social community site like Facebook or a blog!

Recently, I was reading a blog post (click here to view it) where a vacancy at Vinivi was kind of being announced by a third party but still where comments were being answered enthusiastically by the company’s founder. This stands as some good example of how technology, specially the internet, has completely altered the communication between the boss and the employee.

Though this might be more of a reality for ICT companies, I believe it’s also becoming so for other businesses. Why is it so? Well first of all because the boss is also a human being (yes yes) and like any other person following internet trends, he\she has a profile on a social community site or even has a blog. So, there’s some huge possibility that you meet each other online isn’t it?

Secondly, the internet is becoming an important communication tool for any type of businesses and so it helps in keeping contact with not only clients but also employees. And what’s the best way to reach people on the net other than having a profile on a social network or having a blog? Let’s just take Facebook as example, its population of users is such that you can always expect to find your colleagues there including your boss!

However, the complexity of the matter starts here – are you going to accept/send a friend request from/to your boss on professional basis or personal ones? Though limited profiles do exist, it’s always somewhat confusing at times to really judge what’s allowed and what’s not. It’s maybe a big disadvantage of the Web 2.0 – where everything and everyone becomes one single community – where your personal life gets mingled with your professional life…

It’s not such a bad thing though – well depending on the way your boss keeps his relations with his employees – it helps in getting to know your boss and colleagues in a different light. It’s also easier to get an overview of how the people are, in the company you are about to join. Besides if you have a young and open-minded boss (like we do at Netgroup), such situations do not really seem awkward.

I believe this trend cannot be stopped, we shall see more proximity between employers and employees, thanks to such social networks. However, the question of how to handle such proximity lies with us. We are all to take our responsibilities of how to handle our relationships. Communicating over the net with colleagues and bosses is really beneficial for the company itself – it helps in enhancing the relationship between them. So, let’s not mess up all this and let’s learn to be sensible and responsible on the net. It’s not about imposing limits but it’s about knowing how to use the freedom being offered online….

  1. I find it a “pity” that most IT people dont have a real online presence.
    Some of them do participate regularly in online discussions, while others may not even know what is web 2.0, blogs n other stuffs.

    Having your colleagues or ur boss in your networks can be a great thing as well as something bad.
    Especially if you have taken a “sick” and later on the same day, pictures of you *drinking on the beach* have been uploaded on internet.

    ps: Since you are on the beach, you won’t get any fine 😛


  2. Yep IT peeps have a lot to gain from the net more than anywhere else specially that it offers communication with other IT peeps around the WORLD!!!

    And yes about taking a sick leave and then uploading pics of you having a drink on the beach, is of course an example of not being wise enough 😛

    And we ARE smarter than that isn’t it ? 😉

  3. I confirm,we are smarter… koz they havent got me yet LOL

  4. Shhhh 😛 Don’t say it too loud on a blog dude 😉

  5. One day i think when we will apply for a job
    will have to send them those data
    date of birth
    I think the first 3 wont be that important

  6. Lol yeah maybe jobs requirements would be to have a Facebook account, an active blog, a Skype account and even an MSN messenger one 😛

  7. Ah! and this is why the concept of E-HR has now risen! 😀

  8. I just found your post (took me some time). I personnaly think that boundaries are a little thinner now. Bosses are people, at the end of the day… and Internet links people

    It’s normal to get engaged with people (employees, future employees, ex-employees, people who do not like you). After all, it’s a small world.

    @Yahsvin, I agree : it can be dangerous. We did not get you… meanwhile if you keep taking sick days to go drinking… might be a good idea not to have hired you… 😉

    @$öU 😉 : agree, see previous comment !!

  9. See I told you Yash not to say too much 😛

    Nice to see you around Mr Gilles, it’s an honour to have a comment from you 😀

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