Are we a non-saving generation?

In General thoughts on December 26, 2008 at 11:42 am

I am not spending that much by mydeadpony

My title might appear quite evocative specially that we are in the festive period and the shopping frenzy is at its peak. The fact is that after all my trips to shopping centers, back home, when piling up my receipts, I started to wonder how much we tend to spend during these days. It seems quite incredible specially that we are supposed to be in a world financial crisis! Yet this end of year shopping craze is like a tradition…

And then it made me think of discussions we’ve been having among friends about money saving – a very great challenge for us all! It’s hardly like we can save much from our salary. Money really rules in this world and the more you get the more you feel like spending it! It’s the worst evil on Earth I’d say! Are we too young to feel like saving? Or is it that the way of living is such now that saving has become too difficult?

The matter I believe involves just too many factors and it is different for each and everyone. Some of us have big dreams and big wants while others have habits to cater for… But most of all we live in a world where medias are being fully exploited for marketing products adding to this an ever evolving world of technology…The outcome from this is quite clear then – the spending process is never going to stop.

And how about saving? It seems very hard indeed! I believe it all comes from ourselves – self discipline and all that. Maybe some new year resolution then 😛

All the best to all of you peeps out there (including me) and have nice feasts 😉 !


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