Who are we to judge?

In General thoughts on December 10, 2008 at 4:45 am

what they say about me by purplerainistaken

Since I’ve joined in my new job, it’s been like meeting new people, getting to know them better each day. Then it came to making my family understand the culture of the company, how the social life goes on there. Hanging out with colleagues is pretty fun specially if they are mostly of your own age group.

However, one thing has always been pestering me – the opinion my parents have about it all. The HUGE difference there is in the way they understand the relationship between colleagues. The way they so easily tag someone with prejudices… It all sickens me. I might be younger and still inexperienced but one thing I’ve always believed in is that we can’t judge people right from what we hear about them or what we see or worst from how WE believe things should be.

Living in society is quite a complex thing because we are all so different – if I believe in God it’s not necessary that I’d expect all those around me to do so. But it seems quite opposite for some people who’d judge others according to their beliefs rather to the real person there is in others.

Upto now whatever I’ve learnt from life is that this world is full of different people, with different views, beliefs and principles. We might never agree on issues but it wouldn’t mean that they are less than us or vice versa. We are humans after all, we have to share this bond at least. Understanding and respect are what we all need most. It’s important to see through others what they are first, than classifying everyone just at a glance.

You people out there, it might not be easy or maybe not possible at all to appreciate each individual around you but it would be more sensible to try not to judge them. Words can hurt more than anything remember that and we should always think that the way we see things might not be the ONLY way things should be.


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