Master of Time

In General thoughts on October 27, 2008 at 7:58 am

Can't turn back time by shimoda7

Since we’ve started with this “summer time” thing in Mauritius yesterday, it made me ponder on how we , humans, have been manipulating time. As a child I used to think how come we know our time is right? Who decides which clock is on time and which isn’t? Because we might all have some difference of 1-3 minutes on our watch and we still argue that our time is the right one. I remember my parents used to rely on the radio to know what’s the “exact” time.

Today when we’ve switched to the summer time, it comes again – what is the real time then? Some unreal thought maybe – no explicit answer only a vague emptiness… Because ,after all, time is abstract, almost unreal! WE invented time, to give a sense to our days, to schedule our lives but time as such isn’t like seconds or minutes… It’s just something that flows and ages us in the process.

When we are trying today to manipulate time for “energy savings”, it’s like we are trying to master time. But we are actually re-organising the “representation” of time because what we see on our clocks or watches is in fact some “representation” of time isn’t it? Some fantasy becoming true we might say, yet it’s a sign of man trying to adapt his environment, or his time spectrum rather, to his living habits!

However, no matter how much man tries, he’ll only be a puppet of time and never master of time…

  1. one thing is for sure, time != money, it is of much greater value for those who know how to make good use of it 😉

  2. aaaaaaaaaa i lost one hour of sleep
    stupid summer time

  3. @ Roushdat:
    Yeps sure time != money 😛
    And those who have been able to make the most of their time have been able to do much of their life indeed!

    @ Dhiraj:
    Geez me too am still lookin for my sleeping hours being snatched away every day 😦

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