My First Steps Towards My Career

In General thoughts on September 19, 2008 at 6:19 am

Career Girl by ~henares

After some 3 months of biiig vacations, here am off to start my career ! It’s a huge excitement and though some might think: “Why on Earth she didn’t go for a scholarship and continue her studies?”, I feel I’m on the right track- going in the right way. It’s not just a question of feelings but also a decision taken after much thinking. There are stages in life where you come at a standstill, a crossroad rather, and you have to decide where to go. You’ll get advices from so many peeps around you but in the end it’s more like what you want and what you decide that counts.

So after such a long break from everything, the decision was taken. I might have very well gone for my masters but still I don’t feel ready for these. It’s a matter of maturity and experience which I reckon to lack to go further in my studies.

I believe the most important thing in life is to feel comfortable with whatever decisions you take and feel independent of what others might think. Though it might not be an easy task every time – specially when you’ve always been like the focus of the family: “So what’s next now for ya?

Anyway, here I am all ready for a brand new career, the road to make my own place in the field of work, a great adventure that awaits me indeed! All I wish is that the plans I have been making shall become true – they are so far so let’s cross fingers 😛

With this post I’d also like to state that it’s quite a pity though in Mauritius that we don’t have much career guidance. It’s not always as such to find peeps with a clear idea of what they want to be – I myself was in the shades a year ago. It would be great if our youth could have a better insight of job prospects in our country and not only have so-called career guidance fairs where the real goal behind is to market your university or institution to potential students. How are they supposed to chose when they don’t even know what they want to do?

Usually children here get their inspirations from their parents who most of them encourage their children to become doctors, lawyers, engineers and the most recent trend – IT officers (I’m saying IT officers because parents rarely know exactly what jobs the IT field offers). It’s nothing like having your own ambitions – it’s just a race to fame and glory. We have to understand that a person’s success is not only his salary but also how much happiness he is deriving from his life. So, it’s high time to encourage our children in developing their talents and in discovering the different opportunities they have. Then later on they might not end up in opting only for what’s trendy and see if they are lucky enough to succeed.

On my part, I have been lucky enough, I have found my path in this IT field. I have no regrets in my choice so far and I wish it to be so for all of you there!

  1. People are always going to give you their opinions, whether you want it or want, directly or indirectly. In the end however, you must do what you want to do. That is of utmost importance. Because if you don’t, one day or the other, it will get to you.
    Souette, I pray that you will live your life to the fullest, at your own pace and with choices that keep you complete and happy. And I am sure your plans will succeed. 🙂 *crossed-fingers*

  2. Thanks dear Aninii 😀
    I wish you the same in life dear 😉

  3. congrats on the new job! glad to know that u like what you’re doing!
    how about those who are actually happy being ‘doctors, lawyers, engineers and IT officers’ ? 😀 doesn’t mean they haven’t got their own ambitions does it? hehe.. not trying to be an ass.. i guess i’m just one of those trying to give their opinions without others even wanting them to! ( as aniisah has rightly pointed out!)
    anyway u’re doing a good job here with the blog.. i’ve read through most of the posts (have always been a fan anyway:p)

  4. Hehe not at all! I dnt think am seeing you as one of those peeps, come on!

    N I wasn’t pointin at those who have gone for doctorship,lawyership etc with full ambition. My point was if we are to go for a career we have to feel the ambition and aspirations for it else it’s like wasting our life in smethin that shall never please us.

    N so niiice to hear I’ve you as fan – an honour really 😛

  5. Good luck with the new job, im sure ull do great 🙂

  6. Hey Sul! It will be soon one month since i joined in and i’m just lovin it till now 😀

    Am so happy to see u folks commenting my post. Shows you do pass by 🙂

    Big hugs to ya all

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