Those lessons of life…

In General thoughts on June 22, 2008 at 7:16 pm
Playing inthe path of life by =eXcer

Playing in the path of Life by excer

It’s normal for us to stop and think back at what we’ve been doing when we reach some milestone in our life. The same happened to me recently as I lived the last days of my university life (well as bachelor student). It’s been like viewing how I’ve changed and why and where all this has brought me to and I think university was full of experiences I’d never think I’d live! It’s really true that university not only forges your academic skills but also trains you for life afterwards! I still remember feeling kind of lost in the huge crowd in first year. So many people, so different and sometimes SO WEIRD!!! Lol no offence here to anyone :p . What I mean is that the change from college and university was so “blatant”!

I suddenly realized how society goes lol I mean how we evolve as individuals, how we make this society evolve (or downgrade). We take it all from our young years and we keep on changing in nature (and in attitudes) as we meet other people and learn about their ways and behaviours… I have seen that first of all, we always carry the traits of our past college no matter how grown up we get 😛 And sometimes, either we agree to it or not, we tend to be more familiar to those peeps who came from “similar” colleges to ours than others. I find it somewhat sad though n sooo striking how different institutions, in one single country, form different personalities! Maybe that’s why parents get so stressed as to which school to send their kids coz it will all result in the way your kid will end up as an individual…

Secondly, I found out that all those characters you see in serials or movies – you know those kind of “mama difer” ou “mettere difer” – aren’t so fictitious after all!!! At first I was quite shocked how come such people exist! How come each of their actions had a deep meaning behind – very calculated moves, well-placed lies… It’s just so freaking to think that that type of peeps do actually come to university!!! And will tomorrow be “professionals”! I do understand now how come the crime rate in Mauritius is increasing! (hihi some dramatization here I agree 😉 )

Finally, there are those special peeps who made it all so great to be at university! Out of that crazy crowd there were those who indeed showed some common sense (no no dramatization here). Those peeps are those special friends I’ve met and who’ve made university life so wonderful. And I’d wish to dedicate this post to them but I believe words aren’t enough to express the moments we had together. We’ve lived like a family, we’ve been always present for each other, we’ve always worked together, helping each other but above all, we’ve been accepting each others’ differences and living it up so well that it gave me more courage to go forward in this brand new world opening to us. It showed me that life’s not always rosy but when you have special peeps around who are ready to share your sorrows and happiness, it suddenly takes rose tints 😉

University life has therefore been very enriching. It’s been like some initiation to life out there, the trailer 😀 I wish to keep with me not only those “teachings” but also that friendship I’ve developed, I wish we all keep in touch no matter where we go and am sure we are all meant for a great future. I wish the best to all those special peeps I’ve known and I’d like to tell them that you’ve really held a special place in my heart and it shall always be so…

  1. It’s been a pleasure sharing those 3 years with you.
    Those 3 years has been lived in a different perspective for all of us, but in the end, I believe we all took the best out of it.
    Wish you all the very best in the next milestones of your life’s journey and to wherever you’ll end up next!

    keep the spirit on 😉

    and many many cheers!


  2. Sane fois la mo croir larme la ine couler ;p

  3. It must be common to many UoM leavers to have the nostalgia/ reminiscence of the 3 yrs stay or so when all comes to an abrupt end. No more of those special activities, special people, you were so much used to during those 3 yrs.

    I still remember myself being thrown in a yr 1 class of 50 people, all of whom so unique which I came to know more about as time flew by, most for the best some (unfortunately) for the worst, but each interaction you got either bad or good made you a better person in imho.

    3 years later I felt like being sent to primary school once more, on my first day of work. People following a strict timings – get to work at 8hr sharp (which am still not yet in :S ), following strict deadlines (which after some time I have been forced nonetheless to follow), and so much things that you are completely alien to …

  4. hmm here you go again..making me cry! 😉 lol

  5. ca photo la mari seryer ///

  6. Thanks Yupri 🙂

    And Anii! If to ti lecturer mo croir toi to ti pu gagne n boite Kleenex 😛

  7. hihihi…po ti pou mind… :p

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