Memories – Our Lifetime Treasures

In General thoughts on June 20, 2008 at 5:05 pm

Here in this Diary by heyhogwarts

On hearing the starting notes of Hotel California being played by some students of my sister’s school, I immediately felt myself drifting back to my teen years…

A whole wave of nostalgia caught me first as I realized that those years are long lost now. But then a warm feeling invaded my heart: even if my teen years are over, as I look back at them I feel I’ve nothing to regret. They were among the most wonderful years I’ve had in my life. We’ve been crazy, naughty, mischievous and most of all ignorant of whatever we were doing but still we’ve enjoyed each and every moments. Sure now thinking back at some of my deeds, I might just say how immature I was but still at that age we don’t judge things the same way we do now. Even in ten years, when I’ll look back at my twenties and I’ll definitely think how immature I was. So, I believe it would be wrong then to feel guilty or ashamed of our past actions. Whatever we had done we did it then thinking it was good. As years pass our state of mind changes and it’s quite natural then to believe how immature or stupid our past acts might have been.

And so I started day dreaming or “flashbacking” about my wonderful teen years: those events that made our hearts quiver with excitement, those laughs we had together, the pleasure we had in hanging out together, the enmity we lived so passionately (LOL), those comments we always made about our teachers and all those “oh so special” things that have become memories worth cherishing.

And then I started to think of where I have reached today in my life, how my university years have just ended and how those years too shall be forever present in my mind and heart. As we were approaching the end of the last semester, I always wished I could’ve done something that would help to capture some bit of those 3 years spent at the university. Then I would get so sad that we were so engrossed in exams and final year projects that we ended up so dully like the waves that come dying on the shore… But then, as the notes of Hotel California went on, it made me realize that I am wrong. We didn’t end up dully. It’s not important to have something special for the last days at university what’s more important is the other days we had together there! Whatever we are going to take with us are those memories that shall always accompany us wherever we go. I might have asked everyone to sign in some diary but I might lose it after or it would surely get old and the ink would fade away… but memories don’t just fade away. Memories ARE those special treasures that keep safe those special moments we’ve had in life. And when we turn back to our past and think of whatever we’ve done, I believe we should all be happy and feel no regrets. Life is just too special and beautiful to waste it in remorseful feelings. We should live it at the most and cherish every moments we’ve lived as these are going to be our special treasures till our death…

  1. Souette, you have me crying at the end of this post. God, three years gone already. 😦
    But you are right, those memories are forever engraved in my mind. I’ve had an amazing time at Uni, and I want to tell others, who have not yet started Uni, or those who still have some time left there, to simply make the most of it! Every second of every day counts. Make those times matter. And then, like Sou mentioned, you’ll have something to rejoice about in your later years. 😉

    About the immature bit Sou, haha, I know something about it! But the thing here is that we have to keep growing and to focus on how to be a better person. 🙂 to become a real lady! 😉

  2. Heeey Aninii wait that wasn’t my post that shud’ve made u cry ;p
    Ive got one more coming special uni one 😉

    And yeah we sure are growing and changing and I wanted us all to understand that this shouldnt let us however repent about our past actions, we act as per our present state of mind isnt it 🙂

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