Happy Birthday Independence of Mauritius

In Events, General thoughts on March 12, 2008 at 11:04 am
Happy Birthday Independence of Mauritius

Yeah so we are celebrating today our 40 years of Independence – of which I have enjoyed almost 23 years (WOW more than the half :-/ ). However, something’s just annoying me (lol “comme d’hab”). When we have been living in a mood of patriotism and preparation for this event these last few days, I have seen mostly reminiscences of HOW we achieved independence and maybe brief broadcasts on TV about how we have evolved in different fields.

We all know who gave us Independence, how it came about and when it occurred – we all learnt it in school. Maybe it would be good to clear out the fact that we are not celebrating the acquisition of Independence only here, we are actually celebrating the 40 years we’ve been free! Some say it might have been better if we were left as British colony well I might not be able to point out my opinion here because since my birth I’ve been Mauritian and I haven’t felt that difference so…

Yet it would be good if our medias – specially our local TV broadcasting company – could also spread more on those 40 years of Independence. Because achieving it is one thing and maintaining it is another! We all, each and every citizen of this country have been, since 1968, striving hard to make this a success. We must not forget the meaning of an Independence, it is becoming actually self-dependent; and if we think well, it was a huge task and a big risk also undertaken. A risk that today has been rather fruitful I’d say. Though being a little island, lost somewhere in the immensity of the Indian Ocean, we’ve proved to be better off than many other African country.

Hence, for this special day, I’d like all of us to sit and think not about what political party had brought us Independence etc… but how far we have reached. And though we are still miles away from being fully developed, we still achieved a lot in 40 years and we should show the same determinism for future years. After all our small island-in-the-sun needs its people the most to progress and shine as the Star and the Key of the Indian Ocean!


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