Our Youth Our Pride… (Nou Zeness Nou Fierté)

In General thoughts on March 4, 2008 at 6:02 pm
jumping friends by XiSerX

jumping friends by XiSerX

I was just surfing about looking for images about our national independence day slogan -“Nou pays Nou Fierté” (Our Country, Our Pride) when I got the nice surprise of finding lots of search results on Google about the topic. I was quite sceptic at start, thinking that maybe this is some vague search to do on Google but it proved to be wrong. Compared to some years back, there are more results related to Mauritius and this thanks to those Mauritians who have ‘dared‘ to host their blog, view out their opinions and thus make it possible to point out this little island-in-the-sun on the huge ‘internet’s map‘.

What is more surprising is the apparent enthusiasm of our youth in blogging. Though we might say some are unaware of the power of a blog and are doing it ‘just to be hype’ or ‘just for the fun‘, some have really mastered it. It feels really good to see that our younger generations have opened themselves to the internet, using it as a tool to express themselves.

As we are going to celebrate our 40 years of independence, I think it would be better to turn our attention to our youth, this nation’s future. I believe if blogs (and all internet community networks) have become so famous among young Mauritians it is mostly because they feel the freedom of expression in it. They feel like in touch with everyone, free from societal pressures and a way to escape from the loads of ‘palabes‘ (gossip) we would usually hear if we did communicate as we did here on the net.

Our youth, no matter how much we can hear about it, is still very promising. Just a look at some of our bloggers’ articles or some of the Flickr pics we can see the talent behind. Yet, there’s no so real platform for them to express it in the open here. Hence the ‘gateway‘ they found in the multiple network communities on the net.

I would personally encourage all of those young Mauritians to perceive in this way because unknowingly, they have become like ‘virtual ambassadors‘ of our country. It feels so good to type in some creole words in Google and actually get results 🙂 So for this 40 years of independence, I salute our youth who has accepted the ‘internet revolution‘ and proved to the world that though we are some tiny-miny point on the world map, we still move with the ‘waves of change‘ of this whole world!

So hip hip hip hourray to Mauritian Youth !!! 😀

  1. I totally agree with you on this. Our youth are having free platforms to express themselves and this is absolutely amazing. Almost everyday you see poignant posts in the Mauritian blogosphere, they are blogging about issues happening in their immediate environment. I believe that blogging can also help our younger generation to improve their vocabulary and communication skills, in a fun way. And this would also encourage them to actually read posts on international or local matters. Blogging can be a fabulous way to improve the future generation, giving way to a more intellectual approach on issues. That is why we try to promote blogging in Mauritius. 😉

  2. Nou Zeness Nou Fierté
    pas pli tot Nou Zeness Nou honte
    caus man zn of 2day pena resp pou nothing( law ,parent people n themself)

  3. Lol Shinigami don’t you forget u’re one among that ‘zeness’ n re-lol coz evidently u are ashamed of u :p

    I wasn’t talking about moral values anyway dear. I was pointing out the fact that Mauritian youth has been able to open itself to new technologies without much difficulty and thus is showing to the world that no matter how slow our internet is (:P), zot p debrouyer, tracer kan mem hehe!

    But your comment IS in fact a truth I admit – mais kan mem Shinigami fo pa mettre tous les poissons dans le meme panier.

    Aller Bonne Fete Nationale !!!

  4. Thanks Digital Bin and I was really pleased to find out the MAURITIUS BLOG BRETHREN and that I was in the blogroll 😉

    That’s really great to group all Mauritian blogs together – Enn Sel Zeness Enn Sel Brethren teehee! 😀

  5. i was just commenting the title
    nopes i’m not ashamed of myself
    n by the way i’m nt talking about my generation
    this new genration is so ………….. enfin

  6. Hmmm yeah u’re rite those kids nowadays have lost it all… Anyway there’s some bunch of them still like reasonable…

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