The genius of Amir Khan strikes again

In Movies on January 10, 2008 at 9:38 am


Film Poster


I presume my title and pic has already given you hints about what I’m going to write here… 🙂

I’ve obviously watched the film – not downloaded this time but real cinema viewing 😉 . And I definitely decided to have a post about it because this is yet again another big hit of Amir Khan as director and producer.

This time though leaving the register of patriotism, he touched another serious and maybe not so well known subject – dyslexia… However I’m not going to write much about that, the film would have more impact on you I’m sure.

I just wanted to share with you the pleasure I had in watching the film as in a way or the other it brings us back to our childhood. The film is a very good description of the world as a child, though dyslexic, but still same as any other child… We go back to those years where we had fun with friends, we got lost in dreams and we hardly were aware of the whole lot of things awaiting us in the adult life.

And of course, Amir Khan shows us how harsh also a child’s life can be no matter how innocent and carefree it might be. We tend to neglect children’s feelings thinking that they do not have worries but we do. But it is completely wrong! Children also feel stress, tension and pressure – all due to us, who expect much from them without thinking one moment what would be their aspirations…

Parents of course would want the best for their children, this is some legitimate feeling. Yet they should not forget that each child is in fact an individual with his/her own dreams. Obviously some dreams are just too far-fetched to become true and as parent one should guide one’s child towards reality. But the point here is that we should realize that we all have different skills and aptitudes and we are all destined to different paths – artists, architects, managers etc…

The film has very deep messages for all of us – parents, teachers, friends, siblings and humans as a whole! It is more than depicting the difficulties of a dyslexic child. I would recommend it to anyone, this is nothing like some commercial Hindi movie, this is real “7ème art”! A film that will make you laugh, cry and finally exuberate but as well ponder over how to behave with a child with a better understanding of his/her world.

P.S: The film’s official site – click here

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