2007 – Review

In General thoughts on January 2, 2008 at 8:20 pm

Fireworks by devnull-co-uk

Fireworks by devnull-co-uk

A new year has started and we often ponder about the previous one: what we have achieved, what we had aspired and what we got…

This post is going to be about this: MY retrospective…

In 2007, I experienced a few new things like my very first blog post. And sincerely this was and is still is a great experience! Blogging, as I was just discussing with a friend of mine, is the sole satisfaction of having written something and made it available to such a huge amount of potential readers. It opens the world to you and vice versa.I hope this year more people – specially Mauritians – are going to realise its real meaning and not just sue people unnecessarily for their posts! Of course, here I am referring to this post you can check it out….

I also gave a try to Facebook after a lot of requests from the same friend mentioned above. The result was just wonderful!If you are reading this and you haven’t tried it yet just go ahead! But maybe go on slowly on the applications 😉 The fantastic thing about Facebook is that it helps you to keep in touch with your friends anywhere anytime anyhow !!! I’ve quite liked it a lot and am still looking forward for old friends to join in and add to the fun!

Since am talking about my new experiences in 2007, let me also talk about my conversion from Nomad to MyT i.e. I changed my internet service provider. Actually the transition was very good. I have great connection now though I know it’s really nothing compared to foreign ones but having had a connection that keeps fluctuating due to low reception (wireless modem) and then transiting to a fixed connection IS sure a great experience! And no need to say that “it opened so many doors“: movies, songs, YouTube!!!

Oh well I know I’m talking mostly of my “adventures” with the internet but they sure are main things that changed life altogether in 2007! And of course I met new peeps, got new friends as well as met old ones, reminisced old time stories and so on… These are the little things that made 2007 a great year 😀

I wish you all a very Happy New Year, let all the good spirits of 2007 follow you in 2008 and may all sorrow or difficulties you encountered fade away as we enter a new year…

  1. Nice retro wish that 2008 also be annus mirabilis 😀

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