Beware those Fizzy Drinks Bite!!!

In General thoughts on December 23, 2007 at 9:58 am

melb_flavoured sugar water by green pez

Since the festive periods are here, I believe most kids and ‘non-alcoholic‘ peeps shall be ‘feasting‘ on the fizzy drinks… Yet recently, a friend of mine experienced the terrible ‘after-effects ‘ of having too much fizzy drinks – her front teeth’s enamel being gnawed up till the nerves OUCH!

This is why am having this post just to advise you peeps to beware of those oh so tasty fizzy drinks! Specially colour-added ones! What actually happened to my friend mentioned above was that having drunk too much of those drinks directly from the plastic bottle, it continuously came into contact with her front teeth, which gradually acted upon her enamel (some chemical reaction happening here) where as a result the enamel got kind of ‘dissolved‘. The symptoms of course would be ‘sensitive teeth‘ where you’d at first find it difficult to have something cold then solid because your teeth are losing there ‘armour‘ and your nerves are getting exposed…

The same can happen to your bones! Yes well read, bones… However, this might take a longer time in the sense that the drink does not get into direct contact with your bones as it gets digested first. The consequent digested substance, from the drink, then flows to your bones via the blood. Though the concentration is less than in the mouth, it creates some damage and if you keep taking those drinks regularly, it might accelerate the process…

Quite freaky I’d say! Yet the solution is first and foremost to reduce your intake… Try to avoid colour-added ones as far as possible. And if you are taking some colour-added one do use a straw to prevent it from getting into contact with your teeth.

I too will find it somewhat difficult to slow down on those fizzy drinks, I admit, but still I’d rather keep my smile and bones, don’t you think so? So said, I hope you all have a wonderful festive time with friends and family.

CHEERS 😉 !!!


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