Slow Food v/s Fast Food

In General thoughts on October 30, 2007 at 10:52 pm



We’ve all been accustomed to the term fast food but how many of us are aware of slow food? In fact I came across the term in a documentary I watched on TV and thought of sharing it to others as I quite liked the idea behind…


Slow Food is first of all a community of people who are for the promotion of healthy food and the preservation of traditional food production around the globe. Quoting from the official Slow Food site:




The whole idea behind is to bring some awareness in people about having healthy food i.e. mostly food made of fresh and natural ingredients instead of fast food where ingredients are all commercial ones: sugar-added, conservatives, aspartame etc… Of course who among us doesn’t find fast food tasty! Yet it is not about banning such food but instead it is about the way the food is being cooked. Above in the picture, you can see a “slow food version” of a hamburger and chips. The only difference between the “fast food version” is that everything is home-made from the bread to the mayonnaise. And once again it is not about YOU having to prepare all this; the term home-made here implies that the cooks have themselves prepared each part of this meal rather than having the bread delivered – ready-made, the mayonnaise right from a stock of jars and the chips pre-cooked and frozen.


When we talk of defending the biodiversity, the aim behind is to promote the use of ingredients and natural resources as per seasons where they are available. It thus helps to keep a balance in the ecosystem whereby life cycles of organisms (including plants) are being respected. For example, it is better to wait for salmons to come back to the seas and then order for them than try to get some all year through. Otherwise it diminishes the number of salmons and leads the species to danger of extinction.


So finally, I have liked this slow food idea a lot specially when we think of all health problems that crop up due to the food we are having! And anyway it is about making outdoor food healthier and of better quality not only for health but also for the joy of our palates! So it would be great to spread the word everywhere and support such an idea as like the saying goes: ‘If we are what we eat, who wants to be fast, cheap and easy!’


P.S: Check out more about this on the Slow Food website.



  1. i like slow food cause they are easy to catch
    a balance diet is composed of 90% of chicken and 10 % of hen 🙂

  2. Came across the term while reading some book… I prefer slow food to fast food… that’s for sure… nothing better than sitting is a restaurant and having someone pampering you :p 😳

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