Everything is fair in war, love and politics!

In Events on October 11, 2007 at 9:39 am

Student Union Elections 2007


These last 3 days, the campus of the University of Mauritius has been vibrating on the rhythms of the Student Council and Student Union elections. Students have been witnessing massive demonstrations on the part of the different teams running for the elections…

For the past weeks, we have been living a campaign full of rumors, critics and heated conversations (occasionally). Every strategy was good to gain the trust of voters and whether they worked out or not, we shall see that today afternoon after deliberation of results…


What I wanted to point out on this event, is that no matter what has been said, what has been promised and what has been planned throughout the campaign, candidates and their managing team have shown their full talents in being future politicians. Every move was well calculated, with the single aim to defame the opposing team… At times we wonder who is right and who is not! It seemed like it is some kind of competition where it is much more important to show how unscrupulous the opponent is than saying what they are going to do for us if they are elected. Typical politician behaviour!

From defaming the opponents, to having banners everywhere, to distribution of flyers and talks to students in classes, every effort was put into action to win these elections. The most striking part I’d say was during those 2 days of elections where partisans of both parties were shouting out loud their party’s name and candidates’ numbers just to impress the voters and try to show the ‘man power’ behind the party. It was literally a showdown to opponents when they’d bring a group of voters from classes and no need to describe the faces of the opposing teams then! Not a single class was spared, meaning that there were always partisans stationed outside the door waiting for students to get out to ‘escort’ them till the Raised Plaza where voting took place. Every single vote counted and canvassing was being done in every corners of the campus. A real event I’d say and so much energy invested! It’s just a pity then when the team has lost…

Anyway, this has shown the craze for our youth for electoral campaigns, their passion and energy, yet I wonder whether this would mean better politicians for our future as what I’ve been witnessing, there has been much character assassination and defamation than real struggle for students’ rights… And that’s why I’d rather advise people not to get too much involved to the point of losing your friends just because they are supporting the opposing team and not to just believe rumors. After all politicians are politicians, they are definitely going to join up forces one day or the other. The only losers will be us…

P.S: No offence to any candidates here my point of view is general and this is how I see elections whether on the campus or at national level. Yet as voter I have to see which one is more favourable to me and of course give my vote 🙂


  1. i’ve never understand y people wants to be candidates for election
    they want to help us or just help themself ….?
    hmmm may be because of the title president 🙂

  2. Oh well well I bet the title is quite the reason behind! And personally I believe that nowadays there are more politicians candidates to election for the power,fame and wealth than for the welfare of people, still some of them are more unscrupulous than others…

  3. me think bizin kill all politicians then earth will be less polluted

  4. Haha really radical as solution I’d say but it holds some truth there in the sense that somewhere they are a major reason to pollution indeed!

  5. politicians have always seemed like aliens to me. i mean why bother so much for a seat which they do not deserve and which they will not honor! hmm… btw i love the way you write. i wish my post on the event was more “wordy” like yours! 😀

  6. Thanx there morinn 😀 though i wonder what’s “wordy” 😛 And yeah sure politicians are sure from some other race !!! 😉

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