Let’s talk about…Cancer

In General thoughts on October 8, 2007 at 8:29 pm



Although it is an illness we are often hearing about, it is not so well-known among people. My point here is that we know cancer is a scourge on humanity, it takes lives but still most of us do ignore the story behind: what does it involve? How do we get it? What could be done? Can it be cured or not?

If today I’m having a post on this topic it’s because I recently went through the experience of having someone very close suffering from cancer. The news was like a big blow on us all and what stroke me most was that the person in question went on making research on cancer by herself discovering what is awaiting her and why all this is happening to her. A courageous step I’d say because some other person would maybe sit down n accept his/her fate without trying to figure out what went wrong and what can be done.

Up to now there’s no certain cause for cancer meaning that there are several factors that can lead to a cancer: smoking, drinking, exposure to radiations, unhealthy diet, stress as well as hereditary factors. A cancer is usually a growth of mutated cells i.e. cells that have no relevant function like say intestinal cells are specialized for food digestion, these cells are only ordinary, rapidly reproducing ones. As they continue to multiply, they tend to form a tumor. This tumor can be either benign or malign.

Benign means that it can be removed and has less chances of re-growth.

Malign meaning that it is very difficult to be removed and even if removed it can re-grow and eventually lead to death.

There are several types of cancers and not all of them are deadly. For example having breast cancer and if detected at early stages – i.e. the tumor has not grown too big – it can be cured via chemotherapies and surgical intervention. However, leukemia – cancer of the blood- is practically impossible to cure because logically the mutated cells are in the blood and since the blood flows throughout your body, it would literally mean to drain you of your blood! Anyway I’m not saying that miracles do not exist! Yes, they do and with more advances I really hope there will be no such cancers can cannot be cured.

As for the person I’ve been mentioning above, it is now the last month of her cure and I strongly believe she was very brave and God bless that she recovers very soon…


  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check the link for more details: Pink October
  • Picture depicts the song “Cancer” by My Chemical Romance created with PS and Gimp 🙂

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