Socialising in the 21st century

In General thoughts on September 27, 2007 at 9:15 am

There was once a time, when France was still sovereignty, where people used to meet in living rooms to talk among themselves, share their ideas and this gave rise to the social community of that era. It was through such meetings that great authors have been discovered – Baudelaire, Sand and Chateaubriand to name a few…

As we’ve reached the 21st century, the term social community has been completely redefined with the increasing use of the computer and the internet. Online social communities have become the trend. Its no more tea time at a friend’s place but rather all round the clock at a friend’s through his/her pc…

One of the most famous social networks over the internet is surely Facebook and as I once said to a friend: “This Facebook is like some big book open to everyone where you can keep track of your friends no matter where they are!” And indeed it proved to be like that. It’s no more like I’ve got friends miles away from me but it’s like they are right there next door.

However, it certainly gives matter to thought as to the different trend socializing is following… Is it so secure to be accessible to so many people on the net? How far can we assure that the person we’ve been chatting to or messaging is really who he/she claims to be? Because we should not forget the freedom of such socializing attitudes where you can adopt any identity and never declare that whatever you’ve been claiming till now was the truth… Who is going to affirm then that whoever we’ve been meeting online was absolutely true to us? Where can we lay the line between truth and lies?

Oh well anyway handling such issues I believe depends on one’s own degree of understanding of the consequences of any actions taken on the internet. We are after all responsible for all actions we undertake…


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