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In Technology- our black magic on September 24, 2007 at 6:32 pm



We’ve been part of a generation that has been witness of some great technological revolution and it was while looking at old photos (well not that old too) that I came to realize that.

If today all teenagers, if not most of them, have an mp3 player, a mobile phone with camera and a digital camera, this wasn’t the case some ten years before… Our generation of teens was complete addicts of walkman, audio cassettes, radio listening and recording as well as Solitaire Game on pc lol Among the last revolutions that stroke us were the Nokia 3310, the Discman and of course there was some few appearances of digital cameras and mobiles with cameras (this one REALLY few).

I still remember how we used to listen to radio programmes and record our favorite songs yup and today we all just log on a downloading site, chose the mp3 songs we’d like and off we go! Who hasn’t loads and loads of mp3s at home on his/her hard disk!?!

Those were the days where we still had to get our photos developed at the studio and always find that some of them were a real waste! Nowadays we have no limits, we take series of pics, edit them, manipulate them, send them over internet, post them – well a whole lot of options that have opened to us through years!

It’s a really strange feeling to realize that we did use those devices until not so late… Yet today it seems like some far past almost forgotten as we let ourselves being engulfed in this whirlpool of modern technology. How and when we hardly knew but we got in the trend and without realizing it, we’ve been witnessing some really big technological revolution which is, by the way, still on the run…


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