Tuitions everywhere…

In General thoughts on September 18, 2007 at 9:40 pm



Oh well just after discussing the matter with a friend , we found this notice and I felt that this is just going too far!

Recently, a friend of mine met first year students and they were asking him information about tuitions… It’s become like some fashion, if not some craze among newcomers to take tuitions! The most revolting part about the matter I believe is people actually benefiting from the situation i.e. those actually offering these tuitions. It is more of a business than anything else! After almost 4-5 years of secondary school where these very students took private tuitions they are still going on with it at tertiary level! The matter has reached such heights that we can also see notices like the one above on the campus!!!

I do agree that at first it is really difficult to cope with studying by your own and all that and sure some help would really mean a lot but I think this is growing into some bad habit in our country. What I mean here is that some people are even trying to get some living out of it! Is it that our lecturers are not efficient enough or is it a problem with the system? How come each year students complain about Programming with C++ and Maths ? Isn’t there anyone who’s capable to explain it clearly to students? Or is it lack of practice on students’ part? Anyway the problem is being , for the time being, resolved via tuitions – which by the way are not free and alarmingly increasing year by year and including the university fee, it comes to some big amount indeed. So, do we consider education as no more free? Is it that only those who’ve got money who can achieve academic success???

A friend of mine from Physics with Computing course told me that freshers taking her course were following some preparation course just before classes resume so that they get along with the Maths module well… Some students claim it to be a good initiative. Maybe this could be applied to other faculties too… Still the point that the university is going bankrupt will surely come up!!!

Anyway, this is the sad fate of Mauritian students – take it or leave it, there’s no other choice specially for those who cannot really cope alone…



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