RSS – A Web 2.0 phenomenon

In Technology- our black magic on September 8, 2007 at 1:33 pm


As I’m working on a Web 2.0 related project for my final year, my partner and I have been researching about the Web 2.0 and things related to it.

Of course, we came across the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and there we had some doubts about its real function in the Web 2.0. Then the answer to our questions came from a talk made by Vinivi representatives: Mr. Granger and Mr. Topige, about Web 2.0. ( Vinivi being a website hosted to inform travelers about hotels in different countries and giving them an overview of the country they are planning to visit.)

In clear RSS is like a dynamic bookmark compared to those we used before (well as per my opinion). Why dynamic? Because before when we had spent hours to find the appropriate site we were looking for, we bookmarked it to always remember the link and come back later on. However, we had to regularly check on the site if any updates had been made and often we had wasted time because there wasn’t anything new.

Today with RSS, our “bookmark” not only helps to store the link but also alerts us of updates so that the only thing we have to do is to wait for the alert and in the meanwhile use our precious time doing some other stuff. It’s become like some agent that’s on the look out for any updates in sites we’ve “asked it to keep an eye on”. Apart from the alert you also receive a summary with which you can already decide whether to visit the site or not.

Oh I might sound just too obvious to some of us here but I still think most people, specially in Mauritius, are unaware of this. Web 2.0 means really a lot and that’s another topic of discussion on its own. Anyway I have here two interesting links that shall be both entertaining and informative about RSS and shifts in the world:

Video: RSS in Plain English

Did you know 2.0.

P.S: These were videos we were shown at the talk 🙂


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