Job Fair 2007

In Events on September 8, 2007 at 1:04 pm

This week we had the opportunity of having a Job Fair on our campus. It was yet another event organised by the ISS. The aim was to bring on a single platform students, unemployed or any person interested in getting a job to meet companies and grasp some idea of what career prospects are awaiting them.

It was once more a very enriching experience to be among those people giving a helping hand and of course some fun assured! The most surprising but still pleasant point to note was the presence of our lecturers on the opening ceremony showing some interest on their part in what students are doing…

As for me, I was quite impressed by the number of people coming to seek for a job and also somewhat I got a glimpse of what’s really awaiting in near future… Working world doesn’t seem that freaky now – given you’ve got a nice boss, a young and dynamic team to work with and of course the right salary 😉 Yet, I’d still miss my student years and would still wish they’d never end!

Anyway, the Job Fair was quite a success and having met so many people I feel sorry it’s going to end today… Let’s just hope though that next time we shall be part of exposing companies instead of visitors – if you grasp my point :-p

P.S: Photo was in Lexpress of Saturday 8 September 2007 😀


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