Gloom all around

In General thoughts on September 5, 2007 at 8:58 pm
Gloomy Sky by Anthriel

Gloomy Sky by Anthriel

There are days like that where everything seems like a monochrome picture and you feel alienated to things you’ve been used to for ages…

Gloom comes unexpectedly and so inexplicably that you really can’t fathom the whys and hows of your so low moral. It’s simply out of your limits, beyond reasoning. Some mysteries indeed of human emotions – real complex and intriguing phenomenon to science itself!

No matter how much you’d try to push away the grey clouds, it’s always with a stronger blow that they come back and at times you really feel like giving up… Yet, if life weren’t made of ups and downs it wouldn’t have been worth it! And just like gloom had come uninvited so shall shiny days. The only thing left is to wait patiently (though it proves to be some real ordeal) for this black and white movie to end…

  1. I love that pic. It makes you wanna write something about it…

  2. Yeah it sure inspires you 😉

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