How rich can you be?

In General thoughts on September 2, 2007 at 9:02 am
Rich by Cathy71
Rich by cathy71

Being a final year student, it’s normal to feel like somewhat interested with the job market and start aspiring to a very near future as employee… Very often our discussions among friends are about our dreams, our aspirations from the future – some dream of a car, a house, trips around the world, latest technological devices at home etc… In brief, we all have big big dreams and our only goal is to become as rich as possible to realise them.

However, I’ve noticed that those who already have so much seem like still pursuing more wealth, more power! It’s become like some obsession or greed and then it’s more likely that little pleasures of life are missed… I’m not saying that wanting to be rich is wrong – on contrary it’s ambitious I’d say – yet I believe it becomes hard then to stop.

Man has always wanted to achieve something and when it was done he always had some other plan in mind. That’s how from poor you get rich to richer to richest. But still isn’t it sounding like some vicious illness that contaminates us right from the day we discover wealth to the day we die? Is it really worth killing, looting or even fooling others for money and when it’s over we all start again? At times I feel it’s like investing all your life in just getting the money – like we’ve been too : studying for only a high salary job!

I believe that hard earned money is best you could get and yes we should dream of getting rich-richer-richest but still know our limits because apart from wealth we’ve got a life to enjoy and there’s no use struggling day and night in the obsession to increase our account balance (anyway it’s taxable as from 2 million now 🙂 ) and finally ending up all too old and grumpy to enjoy it all! The craze for wealth is sure among us all but still no matter how rich we get, life isn’t going to lengthen. It’s better to wish for the right point where we have no financial worries and life is the most enjoyable journey we’ve undertaken…


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