In Memory of thy Lady…

In General thoughts on August 31, 2007 at 9:56 pm

Princess Diana by toosmall772

It’s already ten years now and I still can remember when images of the accident was being shown on T.V. All channels broadcast of only one thing: the Princess of Wales was no more…

Up to date it’s still a real mystery what actually happened that night – or maybe a mystery that needs to be kept towards the public…

However, even if it was as some rumours say – a disguised murder – it didn’t at all help in making Lady Di past history… It made her much more a legend with some tragic end that still needs to be resolved.

Though the matter has been over-exploited by medias, according to me, we shouldn’t forget the life of this great lady who proved herself to be more than a “doll” princess… She left behind imprints of a lady who showed much of moral strength all her life through. Her story is indeed worth a fairy tale though it ends dramatically yet it stands to show to the world that being a princess means a lot more than just waving at crowds in parades and wearing huge glittery dresses for balls…


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