When it comes to having fun…

In Events on August 25, 2007 at 9:23 am



This first week of semester at the UoM started off with lots of ups and downs but ended on quite a good note with classes getting back to normal and the ISS Orientation and Fun Day being held on Friday 24 August.

The Information Systems Society (ISS) had the idea of having this event to welcome freshers and at the same time promote the society.

It was quite an experience I’d say since it was the very first time such event was being organised with games (dart competition, tug of war, Need for Speed Challenge etc..) and the big attraction of the day: free Cellplus starter packs (sim cards) to all newcomers and of course ISS members and IS students…

The picture above shows the Compuspeed Ltd. stand where I was helping in distributing brochures and lucky draw coupons and as you see the prizes were:

1st Prize: Shiro MP3 player

2nd Prize: PNY Mobile Disk (pen drive)

3rd Prize: A4Tech Multimedia Keyboard

I had a great day I’d say though afterwards I had aching feet 😉 but still the experience of participating in such events is worth it! It gives you the opportunity to reach out to people, make new friends, show your capacities in dealing with the public and of course try to make some image towards the company you are actually helping… The participation itself was more than I’d expected and at the end of the day the big surprise was that Mr. Janmamode (representative of Compuspeed Ltd) actually did offer me a pen drive as appreciation of my work 😛

At the end of the day, we all came to realise how big the student population had reached on the campus with more seats being allocated this year! No wonder there are class allocation problems… Anyway, the storm seems somewhat to have calmed down now and we hope to see better days ahead with more events like that to be held 🙂


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