The real price of your diamonds…

In General thoughts on August 19, 2007 at 10:41 am
Diamonds by bebz

Yes 🙂 I’ve been watching Blood Diamond – and I’d recommend you too.

The scenario is quite original since this type of storyline has never if not rarely been developed ( as far as I know). It reminded me of an article I read in Newsweek few years ago (sorry I can’t remember exactly the article to reference it). I was about a sprint champion who had escaped from civil war in one of those African countries (if I’m not mistaking it was Angola). He vividly described the atrocities he had witnessed then as a little boy: how rebels had invaded his village, killed many and finally trapped a room full of people before setting fire to the building. He had to undergo the pain of the raging flames burning his skin while he tried to escape the room. When he finally got out, he was chased by dogs yet finally succeeded in fleeing. Today he has become a great sprint champion yet he still bears scars of the war not only physical ones but also psychological ones…

And all these wars are being ‘sponsored’ by the illegal trade of diamonds. Africa is in fact a rich continent with its oil, diamond and gold but still its population hasn’t been able to prosper from it thanks to huge networks of corruption and thirst for power of some of them… Finally diamonds are not only girls best friends but men’s too !!!

So behind those scintillating lights of diamonds are in fact millions of tears that have flown, blood that has been shed and sweat of those thousands of war prisoners who have been torn from their families… Yet another story that profits huge businessmen, unaware if not indifferent of how their diamonds have reached them. A struggle for humanitarianisms that shall last for years and years as men greed for money and power shall never stop!

Maybe the thought of all these might make us falter as we are to buy some diamond jewelry yet this is the world and its ways… We cannot do much it’s just like cigarettes – it’s a whole business that feeds millions – we can only hope for a better tomorrow for these people…

Pic: Diamonds by BeBz

  1. And I was thinking of a diamond engagement ring! 😦

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