Infotech 2007

In Technology- our black magic on August 16, 2007 at 9:22 pm


Oh well I know I’m quite late on the subject since the event took place from 9-12 August but since I just received some photos…

I cannot say much of the actual event as I didn’t go there yet as I said our university’s stand was being hosted by the Information Systems Society (ISS) , and I received some nice photos of the different stand plus some feedback – somewhat as good as being there 😛

The picture above was one of those I’ve most appreciated. As you would’ve guessed this is a subwoofer system presented by Manilal Store Co. Ltd. Among other companies exhibiting was also Leal Communication and Informations Ltd. unique stand of Apple products with of course the new “bijou” – the iphone ! (which by the way shall be on our market in January next year yet local sim cards don’t work on it :-S)

My personal point of view on the event would be that it is mostly important for businesses since its an opportunity to have all companies specialised in IT services present and also beneficial for those looking for a career in the field with several companies recruiting people like Ceridian (mru) Ltd, Accenture, Mauritius Telecom and more…

However I believe not enough emphasis is put on conferences that take place on the occasion – anyway how many of us (the public) would have attended any? Yet that’s where most of technological events, decisions, laws are being discussed, explained and debated. The same happened to the Unitech organised by the ISS at the University of Mauritius. Maybe the problem lies in the mode of delivery… People are mostly interested in visual than in listening for hours about some legal aspect of IT. Maybe it would have been better to make those discussions more interactive, more visual and more lively for people to grasp the idea of IT itself! Because we are (yes yes) very few here to know for example the legal part of IT. We are talking of paying bills over the net but how many of us are aware of e-money? e-banking? e-payment facilities?

Oh and yes before I end I’ll like to add that it’s quite sickening to see how stands make use of charming hostesses (who claim themselves to be here only to please the eyes :-! ) to attract the public and OK I might accept the idea but ONLY when the female public also will be taken care of and we shall finally have charming hosts too !!! 😀

  1. Hear hear!!! When are we going to be taken care of?!!! I hope Emtel brings in some nice handsome men next time!!! Or is it tht guys are considered to be unattractive and not charming at all?! 😛

  2. Oh I’d rather think there are guys behind the whole organisation of stands so I believe more women should be involved (and in charge 😛 ) and then maybe the idea of guys being hosts would be taken into consideration 😉

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