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In Movies on August 10, 2007 at 11:08 am



During these more than 2 months of holidays, one of my main activities was movie watching 😀 It was the occasion to catch up with movies I hadn’t seen and of course watch those coming on the blockbuster…

Out of all movies I’ve watched, I have mostly appreciated the following 3:


The most striking point (for me) in this movie was the characters’ dialogues that clearly depicted the might of Spartans… I also liked the special effects given to the film that made it look like we are peeking back into history yet feel the whole tension and meaning of the war to be waged. And what muscular structure 😉 !!! I believe its all months of work outs and some picture manipulation also – after all the 300 mighty soldiers had to look like Hercules’ sons right? I’d also like to point out how much I liked the way Spartans treated their women – I think they ARE some example to men of this world :-p

Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

Yep like most of us I’ve fallen for this wonderful saga of piracy and legends. In fact I’ve watched all 3 of them – since I hadn’t yet watch the 2 previous ones – and I immediately got mesmerised by the world of pirates and mostly by this strange world of legends. I particularly fancy movies that can mix legendary things with real history, they give the feeling that maybe legends are not so false… I’ve also become fan of Jack Sparrow – very flamboyant and crazy character – and of course of Miss Swann – the marked presence of a woman on a ship and her firm determination and courage. And of course, I just looove Orlando Bloom 😀 !!! The movie is yet again a journey on the seas full of twists and turns that really grasped me till the end and I can’t wait for the next one 🙂

The Departed

A film that’s maybe less active than the 2 above yet still full of reality and hats off to Leonardo! I didn’t clearly like him before I watched this movie. He’s been really good here – well my point of view. I found him very true to his character transferring to the viewer that anxiety, pressure and depression he was going through… The rest of the crew was fantastic too with Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson giving a fit balance in the star cast! Yet, the end was quite a bit deceptive – like as if the director wanted to have some cleaning before going – and off they went being shooted one after the other :-! Anyway the film is still worth watching 😉

  1. wat bout transformers?? 😀

  2. Oh! I’ve just watched the movie and I was going to have a post on it anyway let me say it now the genius of Spieldberg has stroke again !!! 😀 And I want one autobot for me 🙂

  3. How men look after their Spartan women!
    Haha, you must be joking. THe queen (husband to leonidas and mother to a child) even offered a piece of her body…

  4. Nopes dear frnd I wasn’t at all joking.

    N the fact that the queen did sleep with another doesnt show the disrespect of the MAN to his WIFE !!!
    I think I haven’t been specific enough and we are mistaking issues here.
    I was talking of the relationship of King Leonidas and his Queen and the due respect he gave her and not only her but all women in his country. And the guy u’re referring to wasn’t a ‘REAL’ Spartan, was he? Merely a traitor…(well avenged by the queen that too 😀 )

    Btw the queen is WIFE to Leonidas 😉

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