Education at a loss?

In General thoughts on August 8, 2007 at 9:30 am

Education by geckokid

After a conversation with a French cousin about why most students in Mauritius actually take private tuitions, it made me reflect upon (yet once again) our educational system here… which I dare say is quite poor.

Why so? Well to answer this let us make out clearly what’s the AIM behind education. I believe it is about making humans knowledgeable about the world around them thus in the end making them think reasonably, understand reasonably and of course act reasonably!

However it’s widely different here! We are made to by-heart everything from theories to model answers. At the end of the day students have become like industrial products – all reasoning the same typical way (the way they have been learning by-heart)… There’s no such point in having what we call an elite if they tend to always refer to what theory or lessons have taught them instead of actually growing up into analysing and understanding people!

On entering university I felt like some new life would start – a new leaf turned – no more of those tuitions or loads of exam papers to practice (since it says that practice makes perfect…I’d add that too much also makes us robots!). However I was literally shocked on hearing that some students are actually taking tuitions for certain modules! Anyway they are not really to blame isn’t it? That’s the mode they’ve been following since their childhood. Quite sad as situation and a bit revolting too as the objective of university level is completely altered… Where it should have been knowledge sharing, it is becoming yet again a battle for who’s going to be the best, who’s going to score more! Finally, we wonder if ever we have been able to grasp the real reasoning behind what we’ve learnt or if once again we’ve been learning by-heart without even glancing at the real purpose behind…

Before I end I’d rather add that I am also part of this system (unfortunately 😦 ) and not so different from others too. Yet I’d wish I could have experienced something different, maybe some REAL education…

Pic: Education by =geckokid

  1. I do agree that our system of education is base on too much “heart-learning”
    We need to change this but….
    Wikipedia: Education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills
    Why not taking your destiny in hand ,stop waiting for this so call real education
    Just grab it . we have access to a 10000……. of tutorials why not taking a look at them

  2. 🙂 Who said I haven’t taken my destiny in hand?

    Anyway thanx for the advice yet my point there was about having education that not only drives us to our careers but makes us much more open to this world in terms of “understanding before judging” and no tutorials can give you that, it comes with the system you’ve been growing up…

    And yeah I wasn’t pointing at me specifically but more at the system 😉

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