Venice – “The Queen of the Adriatic”

In Places of Interest on August 5, 2007 at 10:13 am
Venice: Gondola by force-of-nature

Venice: Gondola by force-of-nature

I’ve just finished reading “The Thief Lord” by Cornelia Funke a children’s book yet so full of details of Venice and that’s what I’ve liked most in there (apart from the story of course which is typical of children’s book with a mysterious merry-go-around that can grow you up or make you younger 🙂 ).

The story as I’ve mentioned takes place in Venice, the city that stands on water… And that’s the most incredible thing ( for me) about the place: that for hundreds of years now it has been standing on wooden piles anchored in the sea below! This whole thing makes Venice sound like magical. I’ve always been attracted to Italy specially because of its wonderful architectures – like in Venice there are magnificent statues of winged lions and horses – and also for its cultural richness…

Hence, the book was a likely journey in the streets of Venice, the Grand Canal, The St Mark’s Square and of course the lagoon outside the land… Having read the book I became more curious about Venice and how up to now it is still firmly standing above sea level.

Well, in fact, Venice has been noticed to be kind of sinking slowly (though it has recently been seen to have stopped). The main reason would be frequent floods aroused by high tides from the lagoon. Some solutions have been proposed:

1. The MOSE project – Having inflatable gates which shall inflate during high tides and thus prevent the waves from drowning the city. However, the consequences would be a destruction of the living fauna and flora in the lagoon below.

2. Raise the city’s height by pumping water in the soil below thus solving the problem permanently and preserving the lagoon’s environment.

Well, well I really hope a solution is going to be adopted soon as Venice is a little jewel of Italy and I wish one day I’ll get to visit it 😉


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