Here’s where I start…

In None on August 3, 2007 at 5:48 am

So here I am, finally, typing the very first words of my brand new blog…. I must admit that at start I always thought this idea of keeping a blog weirdo… but after much thinking I discovered another meaning to it. It’s not only for some day-to-day personal activities log diary nopes it means much more! It’s yet another chance to have a role in this “fantastic” (quoting from a lecturer 😉 ) Web two-point-oh! It’s just amazing how every words we are filling in here will later on be key words for some search run on Google

Oh well! I hope this is going to be some great experience though am still unsure what will be my future posts…

Oops… think I completely missed my introduction! For the time being am a final year student at the University of Mauritius, following a course in Information Systems. My interests are mostly: crafts – mostly fancy jewelry making – , books, music (no special type all depends on the mood), films (comedy, 3D ones, action and science fiction), digital art (though am no great expert in the field I just can spend hours browsing the net to get others works and admire the creativity) and I have a likely interest in personalising anything so that it’s got the personal touch needed to be remembered and unique 😀

Think that’s quite enough for a start. Hope imagination and inspiration strike me back and soon I’ll have a new post here…

Pic:Birth to be free by rai1

  1. Welcome to the blogging community!!! 😉 Oh do not worry about your future posts! it comes naturally! 😉

  2. Oh thnx! Actually u knw u did push me into that 😉

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