From black and white to colours

In Technology- our black magic on August 3, 2007 at 1:22 pm

bwcalalily11leops72.jpg lilies.jpg

It always strikes me so much when watching black and white movies that in reality everything filmed was actually coloured. The actors had actually worn flamboyant costumes, put on make up and the background scenery was as much coloured as it is today!!! Yet technology then failed to capture this colourful world…

That’s where I began to wonder how on earth they converted those films into coloured ones? And the answer came as ‘TimeBrush’ technology.

As far as I have understood, it works in two parts:

1. RealLifeColourTM

This is the colourisation of a video frame using a palette of nature’s colour (i.e. colours as realistic as reality 🙂 ) This enables to keep smooth colour gradients and be as close to reality as possible.
2. AutoColourTM

Having colourised a frame, this technology helps in automatically colouring following frames. For sure it isn’t a simple task as several factors keep changing along frames like light, saturation and so on…

Yet so far this is the less time consuming technology used and there’s even a software available online called Black Magic with a free trial download to use at home if ever you’ve got some old photos to give a brand new look to 😉 Give your grandma and grandpa a whiff of youth (hey that’s some idea for a gift rite?)

Anyway, black and white has some charm too I admit, it freaks you and also gives the best atmosphere for thrillers or suspense films…

In the end it’s all matter of personal appreciation 😉

P.S: The coloured version of the picture above was some modest attempt of mine to do some colourisation using Photoshop 😀

  1. cute lil blog.. 😉
    keep it up!

  2. thnx buddy 😀

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